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Departure from American International to…


Arrival at Cairo International and check in at hotel for dinner and overnight.


Breakfast at the hotel and visit to the world famous Egyptian Museum, home to the largest collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts on the planet, spanning the entire period of Pharaonic History from its prehistoric beginnings c. 3100 BC to the death of Cleopatra and its annexation to the Roman Empire in 30 BC, including the famous Merenptah Stela, which is the first mention ever of the Israelites around the time of the Exodus, not to mention the wondrous riches of the Tomb of Tutankhamun. Optionally, you can also visit the Royal Mummy Room, where it’s possible to see such important pharaohs as Hatshepsut - the greatest queen Egypt ever knew - Tuthmosis III, the ‘Egyptian Napoleon’, who stretched the borders of the Egyptian empire to their maximum extent, and Ramses II, The Great, probably the pharaoh of the Israelite Exodus. Later, we visit the Pyramids and the Sphinx, the single most famous and visited monuments in the history of the world, and the oldest of the Ancient Wonders still standing. In the evening, dinner back the hotel and overnight. Optional dinner on a boat sailing on the Nile, with live shows and typical Egyptian dances.


Breakfast at the hotel and drive through the eastern portion of the Sahara all the way to the Suez Canal, dug in the 19th century over the ‘Sea of Reeds’, the exact point where the Israelites crossed the waters during the Exodus. Then over to the oasis of Marah, mentioned in the Bible as the stop of the Exodus where Moses turned bitter waters into fresh water. Drive along the shores of the Sinai peninsula all the way to Taba, near the border

with Israel, where we lodge at a resort on the shores of the Red Sea. Dinner and overnight.


For those who choose so, we leave in the middle of the night to climb Mount Sinai, a very special place where God spoke to Moses through the burning bush and gave him The Ten Commandments. We watch the sunrise from the top of the mountain, then head back to the hotel to rest and enjoy the pools and the beaches for the rest of the day. Dinner and overnight.


Early morning check out and border crossing between Egypt and Israel. Drive through the Arava Valley, which crosses the Great Rift Valley from south to north all the way towards the world’s lowest depression, the Dead Sea. We stop by Mineral beach for some free time in the Dead Sea, to float in its healing waters, the world’s richest with minerals. We go on to the ancient ruins of Qumran, overlooking the Dead Sea, once home to the Essenes, a Jewish sect from the time of Jesus where John, The Baptist, lived for some time, and where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found - the world’s oldest copies of biblical books to date. We continue to Jericho, the world’s oldest and lowest town, where Jesus passed through countless times on His way to and from Jerusalem. We visit the Sycamore Tree which Zaccheus climbed to get a glimpse of Jesus passing through the crowded road, and we visit Elisha’s Fountain and the foot of the Mount of Temptation, where Jesus was taken during one of His temptations. Drive north along the Jordan Valley all the way to Tiberias, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, where we lodge. Dinner and overnight.


Breakfast at the hotel and we begin the day dedicated to the key places of the life of Jesus in Galilee, especially the sites of his most outstanding miracles. We visit the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount; we go on to Tabgha, where the see the Church of the Multiplication, in celebration of the Feeding of the

Multitude; we visit Capernaum, where Jesus lived and taught for three years, and where he healed a number of people, most notably Simon Peter’s mother-in-law. We try the world-famous grilled Saint Peter fish straight from the Sea of Galilee, which we sail on a replica wooden boat similar to the ones Jesus saw in his day, and we end the day by the River Jordan, in the very same waters where John, The Baptist baptised him. Back to the hotel, dinner and overnight.


Breakfast at the hotel and drive to the top of Mount Precipice, site of the Rejection of Jesus described in Luke, and from where we have a wonderful view of the entire Jezreel Valley, better known as the Armageddon, Israel’s most fertile place and, according to the Book of Revelations, where Judgement Day will happen. We cross the valley all the way to the top of Mount Carmel, where the prophet Elijah challenged the Baal prophets and showed God was in charge of the Kingdom of Israel, and from where we also have stunning views from the valley and the Mediterranean Sea. We continue southward along the coast to Caesarea, one of Israel’s largest archaeological parks and a most important town in the early history of Christianity, as well as Pilates’ base and the site of Paul’s imprisonment and trial. Further down south we visit Jaffa, which is now a neighborhood of Tel Aviv, where Peter had the vision of spreading the Gospel to Gentiles and from where Jonah boarded when he was swallowed by the great fish. We end the day with a triumphant entrance of the Holy City of Jerusalem. Dinner and overnight.


Breakfast at the hotel and drive to the top of the Mount of Olives for the most famous and most traditional view of

Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. We walk down the mount to the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus

numerous times prayed and where He was arrested by the Romans. We continue to the top of Mount Zion, where we visit The Upper Room of the Cenacle, where Jesus and His Apostles had The Last Supper, and King David’s tomb. We walk into the Old City through the Zion Gate and stroll through the Jewish Quarter, where we see the ruins of the Cardo, Roman-era Jerusalem’s High Street, all the way to the Wailing Wall, the very last remnants of Herod’s Temple, which Jesus visited many times and which was destroyed by the Romans in the 1st century AD. We board our bus again at the Dung Gate and head a few miles south towards Bethlehem, birthplace of King David and Jesus. After lunch, we visit the Church of the Nativity, one of the world’s oldest churches, built upon the

cave where Jesus was born, and the Shepherds’ Field, where the angel announced Jesus’ birth to the shepherds. In the evening, drive back to the hotel. Dinner and overnight.


Breakfast at the hotel and visit of Bethesda Pool, where Jesus healed an invalid man on the Sabbath. It is also where the Antonia Fortress used to stand, where Jesus was imprisoned by the Roman authorities and judged by Pilates, so, from there, we walk the Via Dolorosa all the way to Damascus Gate, which is one of the original Roman-era gates of Jerusalem. Free time for shopping at the Suk. Dinner and overnight.



Breakfast and departure towards the Garden Tomb, outside the walls of the Old City, where we will visit Golgotha - famous hill in skull shape where they crucified criminals in Jesus' time - and the tomb that belonged to aristocrat Joseph of Arimathea and was transferred to Jesus when his crucifixion. Time for reflection, celebration of Holy Communion and delivery of certificates pilgrimage to the Holy Land signed by the Israeli Tourism Minister and the Mayor of Jerusalem. Then continued to airport Tel Aviv / Lod and flight to Istanbul. Arrival at the airport in Istanbul, reception and departure towards the hotel for accommodation and rest.


Breakfast and exit to visit the most important monuments of Istanbul: Hippodrome Square, Blue Mosque, the most famous work of Ottoman architecture and stands out for its interior decoration with Iznik tiles; visit St. Sophia church that was for 916 years and mosque in 477, it was converted into a museum in 1936. Lunch and visit to the Topkapi Palace in the afternoon, former residence of the sultans Ottomans. The last stop is the Grand Bazaar. After exit towards the airport for Istanbul flight to NYC.


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